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Name Autodesk SketchBook Autodesk SketchBook is the most famous version in the Autodesk SketchBook series of publisher Autodesk Inc
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Update 2021/10/27
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For those looking to show off their artistic side, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro is a wonderful option for drawing with any Android screen. Find out more about this incredible digital sketchbook in our thorough review.

What are the implications?

You can guess that it’s essentially software that lets their users to sketch or type anything they like on the screen of their smartphones. But, thanks to useful additional options, Autodesk Sketchbook has also been a great drawing app for those who use smartphones. When you install it on your device you’ll be able access to hundreds of brushes and paints as well as drawing tools.

The drawing is precise and smooth, allowing users to easily create art without any limitations as compared to drawing on real paper. Additionally you can also utilize touchscreen pens offered by the makers to draw amazing artwork.

Autodesk SketchBook Pro


The app meets minimal requirements for hardware. This means it’s suitable to draw quick sketches on any of the choices of Android devices. It’s preferred to have an Android device with a larger display instead of constricting your work to a small display.

If you’re planning to create extremely demanding 3D drawing, then it’s necessary that your device has the ability to perform the task.

Amazing features

Simple and simple drawing experiences that are simple and easy to use

The Autodesk Sketchbook offers an elegant interface that lets you enjoy a simple and easy drawing experience. It is easy to find helpful tools that can make drawing more efficient. In addition the app is accessible on a large number of Android devices which makes it among the top sketchbook apps available that are available on the Android platform.


A variety of brushes to use

Another advantage of online sketchbooks is they have access to an endless amount of brushes that can give your work ample room for improvement. Furthermore, you could alter the brushes to work with your sketches. You can also download the online brushes and add them to your collection. Whatever you choose you’ll be very pleased with the result.

Draw layers of a drawing

One of the most important aspects in digital artwork is its ability to create artwork using layers. That’s exactly what you will receive when you download this app called the Autodesk Sketchbook. The application lets artists create their art using the power of layers. You can also save documents in PSD format, and then open them later in supported software, such as Adobe Photoshop as well as Illustrator. This means that you can use your smartphone to sketch quick sketches and save them to make adjustments later on your computer.


Predictive stroke function

In order to help you refine your drawing, and to make the process of creating artwork much easier The app comes with predictive stroke function that lets artists have higher quality lines. However, the uneven strokes will automatically correct their own lines, giving you sharper lines that are more precise.

Drawing with ease using rulers and guides

For aiding in the perception of perspective and proportion guidelines and rulers are crucial elements of your drawing software. This is why the Autodesk Sketchbook gives users fully adjustable rulers and guidelines that can help make drawings that are more precise and accurate.


Fantastic selection of tools

Selection tools are an important feature of drawing digitally. You can easily alter the direction, angle and the position of particular elements in a drawing to make them appear more real. In Autodesk Sketchbook the artist has access to all of the necessary tools for selection, including rectangular, oval and lasso, magic wand, as well as many other tools.

A myriad of colors to play with

Another thing I like with digital drawings is the fact that you are able to access all sorts of colors at any given time. Additionally, you are able to make use of them for as long as you’d like without needing to purchase a brand new collection of color. This makes creating art more cost-effective.


Absolutely cost-free

Wherever your download whether on our site or Google Play Store or on Google Play Store You’ll get full access to the entire functions included in Autodesk Sketchbook. The app is practical to those searching for an easy app to draw on their phones.

But, remember that you’ll need to see ads even if you’re running an app that’s the Google Play version. In contrast when users download our app on our website, you’ll get a free and unadvertised experience.

To download the app, you need to go to our site and look for SketchBook Pro APK. Install it and download it to all of your Android devices. Once you have it installed, you’ll be able to use all its amazing drawing tools. The best part is that there won’t be any ads distracting you when you draw.


Limited by screen size

It’s common to draw apps for Android tablets or phones. Because the screen is tiny, you will not feel completely free when drawing with Wacom tablets. Wacom tablet. This can affect how well you draw your drawings as you’ll be unable draw tiny strokes because of the small screen. In addition the art that requires detailed drawing and coloring will be difficult to design. In the end you’ll have to work with larger drawing tablets in order to get the desired result.

Drawings that are stiff without touching pen

If you’re drawing with your fingers on your touchscreen there’s a good chance you’ll be finding it difficult to draw lines with the with the quality you require. The main reason for this is that our huge fingers are capable of producing the best drawing experience with a sharp pencil. To enhance the quality of your lines it is likely that you will need to invest in the touch pen to have better drawing experience.

Download Autodesk SketchBook Pro latest 5.2.5 Android APK

With numerous drawing options with a variety of drawing options, the Autodesk Sketchbook is definitely an excellent drawing application to Android users. While it’s not like the other drawing tablets from Wacom or Huion but you’ll still be have the ability to draw high-quality artwork using your smartphone with the help of the pen that you can touch. We have no reason to think you should not give it a shot.

Download Autodesk SketchBook Pro APK 5.2.5 (Full Unlocked)

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