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Name Carly: OBD2 Car Scanner Carly: OBD2 Car Scanner is the most famous version in the Carly: OBD2 Car Scanner series of publisher Carly Solutions GmbH & Co KG
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It is essential that your car be properly inspected and maintained. You can keep track of your cars’ current condition and identify any problems. This makes it much easier to do certain maintenance and upgrades. It can be quite expensive to take your car to the garage, especially if it has an expired warrant. You’ll most likely have to pay a lot both for the replacement parts and the inspection, which can add up quickly. These are not expenses that you should avoid if your car isn’t in good condition. There are ways to reduce these expenses, however. The amazing Carly OBD2 Car Scaner app is certainly an option. The impressive Carly Solutions GmbH & Co KG mobile app allows you to quickly diagnose your car and get a detailed report about its condition. Check out our full reviews to learn more about Carly’s mobile app.

What is it used for?

If you don’t know, almost all automobiles have an OBD2 port. This is a mandatory requirement since 1996. Each vehicle will have one of these ports. OBD2 stands to On-board Diagnostics II and is responsible for performing detailed checks on your vehicles. The engineers can connect your car to certain devices via this port. This allows them to identify any problems. Android users now have the ability to use Carly: OBD2 Car Scaner to inspect their cars without needing to know the technical details. Carly will analyze all data collected from the OBD2 port and translate it using its powerful algorithms. You will no longer have to spend money on auto checkups at garages. The app will give a detailed report about the vehicle’s health and condition, which allows them fully understand what’s going on inside. You can view the problems and get intuitive advice from Carly experts. This will allow you to gain a complete understanding of the vehicle and to know how to handle it.



If you’re curious, you can enjoy the amazing mobile application of Carla from any of your mobile devices. To ensure compatibility, make sure your devices are running firmware version 5.0. The Carly Universal Adapter, made by the company, will be required to connect your mobile device to the OBD2 ports of any vehicle. You can enjoy all the features of Carly once it is properly connected. You will also need to have the internet available and storage permission if you want to see the complete report on your vehicles.

Amazing features

These are just a few of the many exciting features the app offers:

Support for all car models

Android users can use Carly to find an app that is compatible with many vehicles of different years and brands. Carly is compatible with most cars manufactured after 2001. It works with all major car brands, including Audi, BMW Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Toyota and Volkswagen. Carly also offers different functions and configurations for different cars due to their different configurations.

Do a thorough scan of your system

The app is available immediately so you can connect it to your car and run quick checks when you are ready. You can get a complete report about your car’s health and diagnose any problems. You can inspect all components and electrical parts of the machine and get detailed information about their performance and health. This includes the engine, transmission and ABS as well as exhaust, airbags and GPS. It will also provide suggestions on how to fix any problems you may have or what maintenance needs to be performed.

You can keep track of your car 24 hours a day

You can monitor your car’s condition live, which is great for those who are cautious and insecure. You’ll be able to see which parts are working and what their performance is. Carly also provides immediate reports and information on malfunctions, which will allow you to avoid any unwelcome accidents while operating your vehicle.

Access to exclusive features for certain models of cars

You’ll also be using the app for multiple vehicles. Each vehicle has a different design and build. Carly’s features will vary depending on the system you have. This allows for detailed reports and other useful options that you can make use of. You can expect to use the app more often and see more improvements with Carly.

Know what to do about your cars

If you are having trouble with your cars, and don’t know why they are failing, this tool will help. Simply connect Carly to the OBD2 port with the adapter provided and you will be able to see what problems are occurring. You can either take your vehicle to a garage to have the problem fixed or you can do the maintenance yourself. These are all significantly cheaper than having other checks done on your vehicle.

You can detect mileage manipulations in old vehicles

Many people fall for the tricks of sellers when buying an older car. They are often tricked into purchasing a fake product that has been mischievously altered. Scammers will often alter the mileage of your cars to make it look new, and the cars are rarely driven by their previous owners. They can then sell the cars for a higher price. Carly can be used to help you solve this problem. It will check for mileage manipulations on your vehicles.

Use it free of charge

If you’re interested in Carly, the app can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store . You can search for the app on the Google Play Store and start enjoying the app absolutely free.

Get the complete app free of charge on our website

We also offer a modified version of Carly that includes all premium features and still maintains the free price. You just need to download the Carly Mod from our website and follow the instructions. You can get the ultimate car checker without paying anything.


Carly requires the exclusive adapter

You will need to purchase the Carly OBD2 adapter, which allows you to connect your Android devices to the car. These are quite expensive and not available in other options. The app also blocks connections to third-party providers which can prove annoying.

Final verdicts

Carly has many useful applications that can help you perform a thorough checkup on your car. It’s possible to do a thorough checkup of your car and gather all necessary data to repair or maintain the system. You can also use it to monitor your cars and ensure that they are working properly.

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