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LEGO enthusiasts have always found it to be a lot of fun to build their LEGO creations. There are times when you get stuck with certain steps in making your LEGO creations. It can be difficult to know where to go next to build your LEGO structures, as the instruction manual is not enough.

For kids who are only interested in having fun with their new toys, this is more complicated and frustrating. It would be great if you could access more straightforward guides for creating your LEGO models. The new LEGO Building Instruction app by LEGO System A/S allows Android users to quickly locate the correct guides for building their LEGO pieces. It would be much easier to pick up the pace with the intuitive instructions.

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What is it used for?

Android users can use their online LEGO Building Instructions instructions to quickly assemble their LEGO pieces. You can pick up all the pieces easily by following the instructions.

LEGO Building Instructions offers a quick QR scan to identify your LEGO package and allow you to use it on your smartphone. You can quickly find the correct instructions to put together your LEGO pieces.

The app can also be used as a test tool for anyone who is interested in purchasing LEGO toys. You can scan the code to get the complete information about the sets.


Android users need to only have their devices connected to the Internet via a stable connection in order to use the app. For those who are looking for a guide for their LEGO model, this would allow them to have quick and satisfying experiences. There are no requirements for hardware or other features. It is important to note that loading 3D models and lower-end hardware may take longer.

Amazing features

This section contains all the amazing features the app offers:

It is easy to use and very effective

The app’s interface is simple and intuitive, allowing Android users to quickly access its features. With intuitive instructions and guides, it is easy to navigate its features and select your starting options.

You can scan the QR-code provided on your LEGO products’ instruction booklet or use the search option to find it. You can then start building with LEGO pieces by scanning the QR-code provided on the instruction booklet.

You can navigate easily between the various options and choose your guides within the instruction interfaces.

Instructions in PDF format for anyone of your interests

The guides provide quick access to PDF instructions for LEGO products dating back to 2015. You can then learn how to build your LEGO building using the easy-to-follow guides. You can pause and continue building your LEGO pieces as often as you like, so you don’t lose where you left off.


Use the Instructions PLUS to unlock 3D models

Android users can also access the Instruction PLUS option if they want a more intuitive guide platform. It offers an easier 3D building experience that Android users can enjoy. You can select the LEGO sets you want and then have them correctly instructed using the 3D models.

Users can interact with their models by zooming in, rotating and even enabling ghost views. This allows you to build your models slowly. You can use this feature to quickly build your structures.

Explore all available LEGO sets

You can also use the app to search for other LEGO models and not only your own. LEGO enthusiasts will be able to explore their favourite LEGO collections thanks to the extensive LEGO collection in the app. You can explore many amazing and unique models, as well as learn about the fascinating and informative background stories behind each one. Browse the huge LEGO collection to find incredible models that you would love to buy.


For new features, connect to your LEGO account

To make the app even more useful, users can connect to their LEGO Account to enjoy new features. LEGO Building Instructions allows you to save your favorite LEGO sets to your account, and your own collection. LEGO Account offers a more engaging and enjoyable experience for LEGO fans by allowing them to build a large digital collection of LEGO sets that they can access from their smart devices. It is now possible to view stunning models in 3D on any of your devices.

Other users have interesting LEGO ideas

The best thing about the app is the LEGO ideas created by fans all over the globe. You can find many LEGO models here that were not officially made. They were created by dedicated LEGO fans who are interested in creating their own LEGO models using many different pieces. LEGO enthusiasts can now fully immerse into the world of imagination and creation. This makes the art of building LEGO pieces even more amazing.

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The app is not designed to be a tool for everyone, even though it has many amazing features. The app does not require you to pay anything for its features. Instead, you can access all its features and explore them for free. You can download the app and install it from the Google Play Store.


It’s pretty useless to not have your LEGO handy

The app is not for LEGO enthusiasts or those who don’t have a lot of LEGOs, on the other hand. You can also use it to check for new models. LEGO Building Instructions has many other useful features.

Final verdict

LEGO Construction Instructions will keep you interested in the classic LEGO game once your LEGO Legacy gameplay is over. The excellent support app will help you build amazing LEGO structures while also giving you full access to the LEGO community. It’s free for all Android users. We don’t see why you shouldn’t use the app, especially if you are a LEGO enthusiast.

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