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If you’re looking for a fun and fun pretend play games, this captivating game of Hotel Stories is for you. Hotel Stories is sure to impress you with its enthralling gameplay and diverse approaches that you will appreciate.

Enjoy the fun and exciting game that is Vacation Hotel Stories as you discover the charming hotel with its charming guests staff, interesting animals. Play around with intriguing items, discover the extensive map and discover a range of engaging educational gameplay.

Most importantly, the fun and friendly game is sure to appeal to young gamers, and adults alike. Therefore, feel free to immerse yourself in the experience and find new ways to have fun with your playtime adventures within Vacation Hotel Stories.

Find out more information about the amazing mobile game by PlayToddlers through our comprehensive review.


In the game Android players will find themselves being able to access a massive 3 story hotel, which has lots of fun activities to take part in. You are free to explore the location and participate in engaging pretend play adventures with your own characters. The fun and charming visual elements make the game a perfect fit for children who want to play as well as for playing alongside their families. In addition, thanks to the educative playing of pretend the players of Vacation Hotel Stories will certainly enjoy the fun of live simulations within the game.

You are free to explore various hotel rooms and areas with a variety of interaction. Find different characters that have unique features and designs. Enjoy unique gameplay using exciting objects. Engage yourself in the thrilling game of simulation while coming up with different scenarios for your characters.

In this free-to-play mobile game there aren’t any missions or challenges to conquer since you’re the author of your own story. You are free to think of various ways to tell the stories, and you’ll be able to engage in the fun of pretend play by playing with the various “toys” in Vacation Hotel Stories

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Here are the best games features to include:

Control your hotel in totality. hotel

For starters, Android gamers in Vacation Hotel Stories will be having the ability to run their own hotel and have many different options to take advantage of. You can explore your hotel’s three floors featuring four rooms that are luxurious. You can enjoy delicious meals in the restaurant that is self-serve.

Discover amazing outdoor activities at the garden and pool. The list is endless. While doing so, get access to a vast character pool that includes a variety of characters that you can choose to include in your chosen scenes. It is possible to arrange diverse experiences in the available rooms as well as the four interesting excursions during your vacation.

However, the most important thing is that you now have complete control of all that’s happening in the hotel. Therefore, Android gamers in Vacation Hotel Stories are sure to enjoy the amazing self-directed stories. Manage the story by using your characters in the game and more. Additionally, using the timing controls you could adjust the hours at the hotel to further designing the surroundings.

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An enormous hotel that has numerous areas to explore

Through the help of Vacation Hotel Stories, Android gamers will be allowed access to the magnificent three-story hotel that has a variety of rooms and rooms to explore. While at the same time the interactive features will introduce you to the game’s exciting in-game experience with many exciting experiences. You are free to move around the rooms and participate in a variety of game scenarios.

Unique tours that offer distinct experiences

You can also enjoy the thrilling game of pretend play by taking part in many exciting tours to enjoy during your stay at the hotel. Explore thrilling skiing adventures in the snowy mountains. Relax and enjoy relaxing picnics. You will have a blast with night-time beach parties. Visit the amazing attractions in theme parks. The Vacation Hotel Stories offers enjoyable and thrilling gameplay that is sure to delight the majority of players.

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Dozens of characters in various settings

If you’re curious, you can completely engage in the thrilling gameplay of Vacation Hotel Stories, which includes more than 24 characters that have a variety of backgrounds and looks. Now, you are able to fully engage in the games and build diverse scenarios using the available characters. Play the fun and exciting game in Vacation Hotel Stories more when you create your unique and unique configurations.

Explore and experience a myriad of interactions using the available objects

Additionally, with a vast selection of objects and items, Vacation Hotel Stories also provides a variety of interesting interactions between objects and characters. You can play a game of pretend play in a variety of scenarios and develop different stories with the available items. Explore the amazing objects and encounter a myriad of fascinating unexpected surprises as you progress.


Make sure to create your own holiday tales

To summarise your gaming experiences with Hotel Stories: Vacation Hotel Stories, Android gamers will never run out of activities to enjoy. In this game, you are able to make the most of the places, characters, and objects to immerse your mind in exciting stories you create. Create your own ideas and create numerous stories that take place in various locations around the hotels and with lots of fascinating characters.



Play the game on as or without Internet

To enhance the enjoyment of the game, Android gamers in Vacation Hotel Stories can now play their totally offline game without Internet. Therefore, it’s completely possible to take part in pretend play when you’re outdoors.

Play for free

Despite all the amazing options, Android gamers in Vacation Hotel Stories are still able to enjoy their thrilling game of pretend play for no cost. Therefore, it’s completely possible to play the game for free from Google Play Store. Google Play Store and no purchase is needed.

You can play for free on our site

However because it’s an unpaid game in the Google Play Store, Android players will have to pay for unlocked games. If you don’t want to waste money then you may want to consider purchasing the modified edition of the game that is available on our website. You can play all of the game’s features and get rid of annoying advertisements and purchase. All you have to do is install Vacation Hotel Stories Mod APK from our website. Vacation Hotel Stories MOD APK on our site.

Sound and visual quality


If you’ve experienced and played My Town Daycare, My PlayHome Stores as well as other similar titles, you’ll be able to find Vacation Hotel Stories offering a more intuitive and engaging visually, because of its 3D graphics. In turn, you’ll also experience the fun playing of pretend play to be more enjoyable on the majority of Android devices. The interactions and actions are more real and exciting and make the game more enjoyable and entertaining.

Sound & Music

In addition to the amazing audio experiences, Vacation Hotel Stories now includes a rousing audio experience that allows Android gamers to completely get lost in the world. You can now enjoy pretend play because of the incredible sound music and effects.

Final thoughts

If you’re keen on the fun and thrilling gameplay of pretend play Vacation Hotel Stories is certainly an ideal mobile game for the Android devices. Its thrilling and fun game that comes with the hotel simulator as well as a myriad of exciting interactions will surely draw you to the game. In addition, you can now play the game’s unlocked edition of this game on your mobile device which makes the game more fun.

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